Thursday, November 24, 2016

crossbow shooting deluxe is a simulator game

Crossbow Shooting is a simulator of shooting an arbalest at a target.

Shooting is conducted at distances from 10 to one hundred meters. At every single distance is offered ten arrows. The goal - to pass all levels (distance) and score maximum points.

Rules of the game:

1. To open following distance on the current require to score at least 90 factors.

2. Crossbow sighted at a distance of 10 m. This indicates that at 10 meters arrow will fall to the stage of impact. At huge distances arrow will fall below the aiming point. The higher the shooting distance, the greater the correction must be taken in height.

3. When aiming must get into account wind course and pace, and get correction to compensate for the offset of arrow.

4. Right after finishing each distance are awarded prize credits. Their worth is the average result of ten shots multiplied by the distance. Credits necessary to improve a crossbow.

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