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top 10 places to visit in bihar

1.The Maha Bodhi Temple


The Maha Bodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India is one particular of those four foremost sites venerated by the Buddhists as it nonetheless reveres the Buddha's enlightenment. It was right here that Siddhartha realised the 'Middle Way', which subsequently grew to become the centre of His teachings.

The Maha Bodhi temple is administered by the Hindus and the Buddhist council jointly as the Hindus also contemplate the Buddha as a reincarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu. For that reason, the mixed contribution of the two the sects presents the core of the vivid Indian culture in kind of unity.

The Maha Bodhi temple is believed to have been created by the wonderful Indian emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE in honour of the Buddha. The walls within the temple are decorated with friezes depicting the Buddha's lifestyle. There is a raised walkway, acknowledged as the Chankramana Chaitya or the Jewel Path (in which the Buddha meditated and walked), which is located alongside the northern wall of the temple. Aside from, there is a lotus pond along the temple, which is believed to be the spot in which Lord Buddha carried out his ablutions

2.Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park


The park was initial established as a botanical garden in 1969. The then Governor of Bihar, Sri Nityanand Kanungo, offered nearly 34 acres of land from the Governor House campus for the backyard. In 1972, Public Operates extra 58.two acres to this, and the Revenue Division transferred 60.75 acres to the Forest Department to support broaden the park.

Since 1973, this park has been a biological park, combining a botanical garden with a zoo. The land acquired from the Public Performs Division and the Income Division was declared protected forest by the state government on eight March 1983

3.Fantastic Buddha Statue


The lovely idol stands tall at a height of 80 ft and is manufactured of sandstone blocks and red granite. It has a spiritual aura that attracts numerous visitors every year. The statue was inaugurated on November 18, 1989 by the XIVth Dalai Lama. This enormous figurine depicts Lord Buddha meditating (dhyana mudra) whilst he is seated on a giant lotus in open air

4.Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall


Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall Built in memory of the renowned Chinese scholar and traveler Hieun Tsang, the construction is rich in architecture. Hieun Tsang spent more than twelve many years in this spot on his pay a visit to to India. This was the area where Hieun Tsang learnt yoga beneath the guidance of Acharya Shil Bhadra. The renowned traveler has thrown light on medieval India and Nalanda, which are found in the memorial hall.

5.Gol Ghar


Golghar is a magnificent beehive shaped constructing, which was established in the year 1786 by Captain John Garstin. Inspired by the stupa architecture, the framework of the creating's base is about 125 m in width and the walls are about three.six m thick. A picturesque view from the prime of the city and of the river Ganga can be viewed after climbing about 145 steps construct in a spiral pattern close to the infrastructure.

This construction was initially created as a barn or a storehouse and for that reason these spiral staircases have been particularly created to help the labourers carrying the grain bags way up to the prime. One more fascinating trivia about Golghar is that it has by no means been in a position to fill to its optimum capacity. While designing the framework, the doors had been constructed to open on the within and therefore in the scenario of becoming totally filled the doors then would not open.

This structure was initially built as a barn or a storehouse and as a result these spiral staircases were especially designed to aid the labourers carrying the grain bags way up to the leading

6.Griddhakuta Peak


Griddhakuta Peak is situated in Rajgir, Bihar. This peak is the most famous location to pay a visit to in Rajgir and its sits at an elevation of 400m. It is referred to as a Vulture Peak due to its form and frequent visit of vultures. The area hold an essential position in historical past as it is reckoned to be the spot in which Lord Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra in order to convert Mauryan King Bimbisara. It is also believed that Buddha started the second wheel of law and delivered numerous sermons right here. The peak has a Peace Pagoda said to have been developed by Buddhist of Japan. There are couples of caves right here as well that more enhances the thrill of reaching right here by a chairlift.

7.Vishwa Shanti Stupa


Vishwa Shanti Stupa is Far better acknowledged as the Globe Peace Pagoda, Vishwa Shanti Stupa proudly stand at the historic city of Rajgir. It is a single of the seven Peace Pagodas constructed in India and is surely a need to check out in Bihar. The pagoda was built in 1969 to spread the message of peace and non-violence. Marked by four statues of Buddha that reflects four crucial phases of Buddha's existence birth, enlightenment, educating and death, this Peace Pagoda is amongst the finest examples of Japanese architecture in India.

8.Sher Shah Suri Tomb


Sher Shah Suri Tomb Constructed in 1545 AD in the memory of Emperor Sher Shah Suri tomb is an outstanding illustration of Indo-Islamic architecture in India. Architecturally splendid and erected at the middle of an artificial lake, this sandstone structure is really worth a go to in Bihar.

The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is in the Sasaram town of Bihar state, India. The tomb was built in memory of Emperor Sher Shah Suri, a Pathan from Bihar who defeated the Mughal Empire and founded the Suri Empire in northern India. He died in an accidental gunpowder explosion in the fort of Kalinjar on 10th day of Rabi' al-awwal, A.H. 952 or 13 May 1545 AD.

9.Janki Temple


Janki Temple is Estimated to have been constructed a hundred many years ago, Janki temple is situated in Sitamarhi, Bihar. Sitamarhi is regarded as the birthplace of Sita, the consort of Lord Rama. It is believed that Janki Temple is the area, where Sita was born and in purchase to mark this event, a temple was constructed here. The temple has a welcoming gateway and huge courtyard that can accommodate an enormous variety of devotees. Also a pond nearby known as the Janki Kund is a location of interest for devotees as well as travelers

10.Barabar Caves


Barabar Caves claim to be the oldest rock-minimize caves in India. Dating back to Mauryan Empire, these majestic caves are certainly one of the very best places to see in Bihar. Located on twin hills Barabar and Nagarjuni, the caves are said to be employed by Ajivika sect, nonetheless, a lot of traces of Buddhist and Jain art can be identified here. Barabar Hills consists of 4 caves, whereas Nagarjuni Hills have 3 caves, each and every of the cave are nicely-polished and have articulate patterns and inscriptions above its walls and ceilings

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